Meeting some seals

Seals in this area are like dogs with flippers, they are sympathetic, they are very friendly and aren´t shy... Are you ready to meet some seals?

The musician chicken

Yes, this musician chicken can play the keyboard better than you. This video is much more impressive than you expect...

Hungry raccoons

A little bit of food and some tens of hungry raccoons in the park. You don’t need any more to make a fantastic video.

Two cool cats

Do you think you are cool? Well, these cats are cooler than you... You've never seen a cats like these before...

Cute Kittens

Everyone loves cute kittens and here you will find some of the cutest kittens you’ve ever seen! Are you ready to say “ohhhhhhhh”?

The rapper cat

This cool cat is a hip hop lover, he can’t stop dancing when the music starts. He has the rhythm and the right attitude... This cat is not the only hip hop lover!

Stealing his hat

This cat has a curious hobby, he loves to steal hats... In this video you can see a professional thief at his work.

Cats and yoga

If you think yoga is a relaxing activity you must watch these cats ant their crazy reactions when they are watching some yoga postures...

Addicted to adrenaline

This dog has an adrenaline junky, he needs a hit at every hour. Do you want to see how this dog gets what he needs?

Fighting with a praying mantis

You can be sure, this is the most interesting fight you’ve even seen. This praying mantis fights like a real fighter.

The most persistent fish

This fish will follow you until the end if you are scuba diving near to him. You can have some troubles if you are not enough fast...


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