One in a million shot

This guy could repeat this shot one thousand times, but he never will do it again. Simply unbelievable. Watch this one in a million shot and more similar shots.

The best celebration ever!

Football players are very crazy in these towns, they have too much passion in a football pitch. What were they thinking?

The immutable referee

This referee demonstrates his balance after to receive a strong kick from one of the players. He’s really strong.

Busting the wrong balls

This defender has too much aggressiveness... If you play against him you must take care of yourself...

Spiderman is here!

The football match is bored... It seems a mission for Spiderman! This crazy guy dressed up as Spiderman is really mad!

Don’t play with dad

These little children have learned an important lesson. You must not play football with dad, he has no mercy when is playing.

Pathetic and hilarious goal

Uzbekistan’s goalkeeper scores an amazing goal. This action is pathetic and hilarious at the same time...

What are you doing?

The goalkeeper turns crazy in the middle of the match and nobody can stop him while he is fighting with everyone.

Felix Passlack and his gum

Felix Passlack is a great football player, but is even better playing with his gum. How can he do it? That’s insane!


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Playing with trash

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