Grandma plays Virtual Reality

Grandma is playing with a virtual reality game for first the time and no one expects what she will do after five minutes.

Some attention please

No one cares about you and you need to do something... This guy had an original idea to remediate this situation.

Exercise and wine

This is a brilliant idea to get the motivation when you want to do some exercise. Effort and reward at the same time!

Dentists and drugs

Dentists are funnier than ever thanks to their powerful anaesthesia. Patients suffer before the visit, but they have a lot of fun...

After the dentist

This girl was scared because she had a date with the dentist, but the worst part came after the visit. Dentist’s drugs again!

The worst first date

Have you had some bad first date? Well, these are worst... Be ready to watch some of the worst first dates ever!

He loves villains

People usually love heroes in the movies or comics, but this kid has a perverse obsession with the villains.

Nice prank at the office

We all see a lot of prank videos every day, but it is really different. You’ve never seen a prank like this before.

Intense music

The music is strong in this Darth Vader, he can play the piano and dominate the galaxy at the same time.

Powerful leaf blower

This leaf blower is very powerful, maybe too much... This kid cannot control this machine while his daddy records all the scene.


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Alone with dad

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Playing with trash

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