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Grandma plays Virtual Reality

Grandma is playing with a virtual reality game for first the time and no one expects what she will do after five minutes.

Delicious sandwich

If you want to eat your delicious sandwich you must be careful with your naughty and hungry dog. Here you have some examples.

One in a million shot

This guy could repeat this shot one thousand times, but he never will do it again. Simply unbelievable. Watch this one in a million shot and more similar shots.

Meeting some seals

Seals in this area are like dogs with flippers, they are sympathetic, they are very friendly and aren´t shy... Are you ready to meet some seals?

Some attention please

No one cares about you and you need to do something... This guy had an original idea to remediate this situation.

His new toy

This kid is really excited with his new toy, a drum kit. Maybe his parents aren't happy with the new toy...

The best celebration ever!

Football players are very crazy in these towns, they have too much passion in a football pitch. What were they thinking?

The musician chicken

Yes, this musician chicken can play the keyboard better than you. This video is much more impressive than you expect...

Exercise and wine

This is a brilliant idea to get the motivation when you want to do some exercise. Effort and reward at the same time!

Alone with dad

These kind of things happen when you leave your baby alone with dad. In this situation you can expect anything.

The immutable referee

This referee demonstrates his balance after to receive a strong kick from one of the players. He’s really strong.

Hungry raccoons

A little bit of food and some tens of hungry raccoons in the park. You don’t need any more to make a fantastic video.

Determined look

Why this child has a determined look? Well, he knows what he wants and he goes for it with determination.

Two cool cats

Do you think you are cool? Well, these cats are cooler than you... You've never seen a cats like these before...

Dentists and drugs

Dentists are funnier than ever thanks to their powerful anaesthesia. Patients suffer before the visit, but they have a lot of fun...

Funny conversation

There is nothing funnier than two babies trying to talk at the same time. Can you understand them?

Busting the wrong balls

This defender has too much aggressiveness... If you play against him you must take care of yourself...

Cute Kittens

Everyone loves cute kittens and here you will find some of the cutest kittens you’ve ever seen! Are you ready to say “ohhhhhhhh”?

After the dentist

This girl was scared because she had a date with the dentist, but the worst part came after the visit. Dentist’s drugs again!

Be careful with your secrets

If there are kids in the house you must be careful with your secrets. This mom needs a better hiding place...

Spiderman is here!

The football match is bored... It seems a mission for Spiderman! This crazy guy dressed up as Spiderman is really mad!

The rapper cat

This cool cat is a hip hop lover, he can’t stop dancing when the music starts. He has the rhythm and the right attitude... This cat is not the only hip hop lover!

The worst first date

Have you had some bad first date? Well, these are worst... Be ready to watch some of the worst first dates ever!

Their weakness

These two children have the same weakness, their balance... Watch what happens while they are eating.

Don’t play with dad

These little children have learned an important lesson. You must not play football with dad, he has no mercy when is playing.

Stealing his hat

This cat has a curious hobby, he loves to steal hats... In this video you can see a professional thief at his work.

He loves villains

People usually love heroes in the movies or comics, but this kid has a perverse obsession with the villains.

Playing with trash

This baby can’t stop laughing while his daddy is playing with trash. You'll not be able to watch this video without laughing.

Pathetic and hilarious goal

Uzbekistan’s goalkeeper scores an amazing goal. This action is pathetic and hilarious at the same time...


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